1928 – On September 13 the island was hit by Okeechobee hurricane (known in Puerto Rico as San Felipe II).  The church and the plaza were heavily damaged.
Note: Okeechobee hurricane was known in Puerto Rico as San Felipe II because 52 year before, on that exact date, the first San Felipe hurricane hit the island as well).

1937 – The concrete church we have today was built.

The plaza has had different uses along the town’s history. For instance, by the end of the 19th century and early 20th century the plaza was used as a place of commerce. There, people would put up kiosks. It was also the orginal place where the Fiestas Patronales (patronage festivals) were held and eventually moved to the public parking lot.



2001 – 2005 – Most recent remodeling of the church.

2008 – Most recent remodeling of the plaza.

Today a few celebrations are held there and it’s also used by the town’s people to hang out.

* The historical facts from 1838 to 1937 were taken from the book Orocovis 1825 – 1940 by Hector E. Colón Ramirez