Atractions and instalations:

Picnic areas: Trail #6 (La Piscina/The Pool) has many gazebos with BBQ.

Hiking Trails: At the bottom of the page we’ve included the trails map which you can also get at the office. HOWEVER, keep in mind that the map is not updated and shows a few trails that no longer exist or that are not for public use. See the COMMENTS ABOUT ROUTES below.

No permit is required and there is no cost for hiking. If it is a group of 10 or more you’re required to coordinate with the office. The same goes for educational, ecotourism or investigative groups for which you’ll have to call 787.999.2200 ext. 5613


If you’re not familiar with the area, planning can be a bit confusing.

Doña Juana Pool area :

(NOTE: Keep in mind this area is called like this but that the actual pool is out of service at the moment)

Many people stop in this area because it has its own parking lot, ponds, gazebos, etc. If you’re coming from the north or east (Matrullas, Barranquitas, Coamo, the lookout, etc.) you’ll find this area before the office and vice versa. If your visit will only consist of this area you can park there.

Other trails and camping area: If your visit will consist of getting information, hiking in general or camping, park at the office.

Trails “Las Cuarentas” and “Doña Petra”: There’s an error on the map provided at the office which is important to point out if you are to use any of these trails. Per the map there’s a 3rd trail (no name) which connects these 2 trails. That extra trail would be ideal specially if you first take trail # 5 and on your way back to the office you want to take a shortcut. But that trails does not exist, leaving you with the options of walking back the same way you came in  (long trip) or returning using the main road PR-564 which is a very bad idea and somewhat dangerous because there’s barely any space for pedestrians.  In other words, if you’re going to use trail #5 keep in mind that you’ll have to walk all the way back or simply walk to certain point and come back.

Here’s the correction (of the map’s error):